The Company was formed in July 2001 to support the health and safety requirements of a range of clients specifically in the construction, civil engineering sector and manufacturing industry both at home and abroad.

At present, no advertising is used by the Company. All work is obtained through a considerable network of “satisfied customers” who offer recommendation on our behalf.

Our work slogan is “compromise does not exist” and we certainly practice this ethos tempered with a pragmatic approach to the everyday problems encountered in the workplace and on site, offering sound and accurate advice based on experience in all fields, not just from text books.

All site visits are reported on with copies distributed to client requirement.

One of our most sought after services is at the commencement of projects, where we can compile Project Specific Construction Phase Plans, including any Project Specific method Statements and Risk Assessments as required.  We can also assist with Sub-Contractors who do not meet statutory requirements.

We encourage communication from our clients at all times, indeed, we expect to be contacted as an integral part of our commitment to you which is why our lines are open 24 hours a day, 52 weeks of the year for retainer clients.

It is essential to our success that our clients have access to the very best in service provision and training advantage. We can provide practical assistance on site and arrange a myriad of training courses, at set venues or at your site, dependant on requirement, the relevant legislation of the Country, and at a cost which keeps the cost managers happy, if that is possible.